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Here is some background + info on the MacDonald family.

Victor and Laurie (bass, lead, and alto) are the parents of the crew. Victor, sound engineer and general manager, graduated from Gordon College in 1980. Laurie, keyboard player, guitarist, composer and arranger, graduated from Hartt School of Music in 1982.
Carol (soprano), the oldest of the children is 20.  She plays piano, flute, sax, violin, trumpet, trombone, and mandolin. She plays oboe in the Orange and Montague community bands. She loves to sing! In her spare time, she reads, volunteers at Community Clothing Center and writes programs for concerts.
Bonnie (alto & yodeler), the 17 y/o is our main bass & trumpet player. Bonnie plays guitar, sax, harmonica, piano, and flute when the need arises. Bonnie plays trumpet in the Orange and Montague community bands. In her spare time she volunteers at CCC, cooks, makes clay models & beads, reads, draws, runs, and edits the family webpage ;) She has a blog that she updates regularly, it can be found here
Vincent is 15 and carries the distinction of being "the oldest son". Vincent has been playing piano for 3 years and then took to the banjo and tuba like a duck to water. Vincents pastimes include fixing bus and small engines, biking, swimming, tennis, watching old movies, and eating. Vincent plays trombone in the Orange and Montague Community bands.
Peter is 13 years old, and plays back-up bass. He plays piano, mandolin, a little clarinet, baritone, and ukulele. His favorite subject in school is science. His favorite things to do are biking and building tree houses. He will be starting the Montague Community Band on baritone this summer.
Nathan, Matthew, Daniel and Hannah are the four youngest, ages 11, 9, 8, and 5.
 Nathan plays piano, mandolin, and trumpet. He also likes to build tree houses.
Matthew His favorite subject in school is reading. Matthew is an avid bookworm and plays piano and mandolin.
Daniel and Hannah are both concentrating on being kids and making us laugh! They are both beginning piano and violin and do vocal solos at concerts.

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